Monday, 13 December 2010

Tweets of the whole journey from day one

Overloaded. Overtired. Only 14931 miles to go to Cape Town. Let the trip begin. On a ferry to France.

In Brugge now enjoying a waffle. Then off to Germany to get a campsite

France done. Belgium done. Netherlands done. Berlin here we come, well maybe tomorrow. McDonalds will do for now.

Just 100 miles to Berlin. The driving on the autobahn is yet to improve. How do you judge a car in your mirror at double your speed?

In Berlin having a great time with friends new and old. Good time to explore the city for a few days.
Walking through Berlin soaking up the history and the sun

Thinking of getting a new bike for the load

Wow, what a history. We love Berlin.

BMW Berlin, you are the best, sorting out Delilah's bike tomorrow before we leave for Czech

Off to Prague in the morning, please let the weather be nice!!

In Czech just outside of Prague. Been eaten alive by mozis

Bye bye Prague

1000 miles done only 14000 to go

Ceske Krumlov is our next stop. Google it to see how beautiful it actually is

You've gotta love Ceske Krumlov. This is a view from our hotel terrace.

In Linz, Austria watching an opera on the river Danube. Brilliant sound

On the autobahn in Austria just having dipped back into Germany on our way to Milan

In the mountains of Italy camping for the night. In Milan by tomorrow afternoon

At Lake Garda about 160km from Milan, taking a quick dip and catching up on our tans

Now camping on Lake Como. Again being chowed by mozi's. Ouch!!!

Italian drivers!!! Aaaii carumba. Get me out of here.

Just been to the tower of Pisa. A must do!! Warning: by foot and nit by bike. Refer to my previous tweet.

Wet wet wet. I thought it was summer In Italy. We are soaked to the bones camping in the Cinque Terra area.

5hrs and 143km of mountain passes, without any rain. What more could you ask for. Camping on the coast just off Arenzano. Finally some r ...

Remember my last blog. The missing bike keys. Well ask and He shall provide. I got them back this morning. Woohoo

In Venice after a very different ride on new offroad biased tyres.

Thanks again Diego for all your help on this trip. Rent-a-Dream Milan rocks

@sum1els its about time, :-) see you in a bit, we are just sorting to leave in an hour or so as well

Leaving Italy For Egypt Via Vismar Ferry -,12.2410

Heading For Syria Today. Otherwise Nothing Much To See But Sea -,25.6975

Enjoying The Shade In Syria While In Port -,35.8677

Alexandria, hectic traffic but great seafood

Alexandria, what a hectic lifestyle. it's 1 o’clock in the morning and everyone is still up, and don't get me started on the driving, hectic!!!

On the desert road in Egypt heading towards Luxor

Sorry for the lack of updates but seems that having lost the usefulness of my Iphone has temporarily incapacitated our communications

Currently in Aswan, Egypt after a beautiful days rest on (and in) the Nile waiting for our ferry crossing tomorrow to Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Blogs are nearly up to date, just a few days behind now, so keep checking the site for updates.

Thanks again to all who are donating to this wonderful cause. For details please check our site at

In Sudan today after a rather interesting ferry trip. All well just waiting for vehicles to arrive

Still stuck in Wady Halfa waiting for the vehicles to clear. How bored can you get?

At Karima in Sudan checking out the pyramids heading for Khartoum

In Ethiopia at the moment. Really enjoying this beautiful country

Having some lunch on Lake Tana before heading to Addis Ababa

In Addis Ababa. Just had breakfast. Got to sort out tyre burst on the 800 today

Sorry for lack of blog updates. Many to follow as Ethiopia has a ban on blogspot website for some reason

Currently in Moyale Ethiopia wasting to cross over to Kenya. Ready to tackle the dreaded road to Marsabit

Finished the Mojale to Marcebit road with fairly minimal damage to the bikes

Currently at Jungle Junction in Nairobi. Relaxing and sorting a few things on the bikes

Now out of Nairobi well on our way to Uganda. Sleeping about 20m from feeding hippos. Awesome

Just survived a heavy storm on the While Nile in Uganda, Ooooh camping is going to be interesting.......

White river rafting in the morning i guess.......nice one. Might be the last time as they will be damming the Nile up shortly

At Town View Hotel in Mubende, after a hectic ride from Kampala. Africa’s worst road

Just visited our Compassion sponsor kids deep in the mountains, it was brilliant, think we've had enough of off-roading on the bikes now.

Heading off to Rwanda this morning after the bikes get a quick jetwash from last nights activities in the mud.

In Rwanda having some lunch before passing on to Tanzania. What lovely people

Still in Tanzania having just fixed Delilah’s bike after spills on the sand. Hope to head into Malawi on Monday

Gotta love the Chinese. Free camping and water in their roadworks site compound just north of Tunduma, Tanzania. Off to Malawi in the mo ...

Currently sitting on the beach of Lake Malawi waiting to get the rear shock of the 800gs fixed with no assistance from BMW thanks very much

Lake Malawi. Not the worst place in the world to be stuck waiting for spares

Crossed over to Zambia today. Good to be moving again. Heading for Lusaka in the morning. That’s one whole country completed on a broken bike

In Lusaka after another long but very beautiful and twisty drive. Perfect for the bikes, even one with a busted shock.

Not seen the falls yet but in Livingstone for a few days before leaving for Namibia

Just posted 4 new blog updates for those following.

Andre is now heading south, so he should reach SA in 2 days....that's the end of a good trip for him. We head to Namibia tomorrow....maybe.

Crossed the border into Namibia today. Staying in the trees with the elephants and buffalo below. Sweet

Note to self. Do not stay in a tree house during a really rough and violent thunder storm. It was pretty hair raising

Boerewors and eggs again for breakfast. How could you possibly go back to eating cereal. Only 250km from getting my bike fixed now. Woohoo.

Just 1 more sleep till my bike gets fixed, its been 3500km and 2,5 countries crossed with no rear shock absorber, my butt will be so relieved

BMW Windhoek fixed our bikes and gave us a R1200GS to use while we waited. Not sure Delilah wants to give it back as the rear seat is awesome

Just been sandboarding in the Namib Desert. Awesome. Off to Walvis Bay in the morning

Just finished a bike run with the bikers club of Walvis Bay. Now heading for Sossusvlei. pity about the sand roads to get there, great fun ...

Been and done Sossulsvlei, brilliant place to visit but my camera broke due to fine sand, damn. Heading on down to SA over the next few days.

Hard days riding yesterday. Almost 500km in 40 deg heat with quarter of the riding on slow offroad. Exhausting

Not our hottest day but 43deg is pretty hot. Chilling out in springbok at the moment

Lindsay Elms @uk2za · 8 Dec 2010
11500miles and we have finally made it to our home country. Just 6 more days till our final destination

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