Friday, 10 December 2010

Clanwilliam is where its at.......

Well the title of the post says it all. After arriving in the town and doing a bit of wondering, we got some suppies for a braai and headed over to the dam to camp, and what a braai it was. 
I erected the tent without the waterproof layer and got the hammock set up between 2 trees. After dinner and a rather chilled afternoon, i noticed 2 bikers had arrived at the rather empty campsite, funny enough it was an 800GS like mine and a similar 650GS like Delilah's, albeit the Dakar version.
We went over and met up with Jan, his wife Annemie (who was driving their backup vehicle) and Christiaan. We sat and chatted until late about our adventure thus far and about the trip that they were on which was a bit of a weekend getaway into the Cederberg mountains. Thanks again to Jan for the tyres i later picked up from him, they really helped.

Here kitty kitty kitty
Just finished the best braai we've have ever had, sitting on the dam in Clanwilliam. So close to home now.

Last leg, best get a move on

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