Sunday, 5 December 2010


Well 5 hours later and running on fumes due to the heavy head on wind we pulled up to the first available garage in Swakopmund. Getting into decent accommodation was not going to be easy due to the late hour we arrived as most of the campsites were already shut. We eventually headed for a backpackers and even managed to pursued a discount on the room we stayed in, sweet. Finally, in the morning we would reach the west coast of Africa, and how nice it was to see the ocean again.

Sandboarding was also on our list of things to do with Swakopmund boasting some of the highest living dunes in the world. being a bit slower than snowboarding, it does tend to be safer but don't forget that you still have to walk back up the dune to have another go, now that will kill you. If you do get the chance to do it though, then do it, its brilliant.

This morning we decided to move on to Walvis bay, got up early in the morning, everything packed on the bikes, breakfast in our tummies, and what do you know, Delilah's bike does not want to start, flat battery. So 4hrs later after visiting a few of the stores we finally got it sorted, seems with all the falls shes been having we forgot to check the battery water level, another rookie mistake. Luckily Walvis bay was not that far and even the heavy side wind would not see us arriving there after dark.....
What you doing?
Nice and cool once again

The most photographed prison and the hottest biker chick

The most photographed prison - done once again

The biggest crystal is housed in this house - who could tell?

Arts and crafts anyone?

What the heck was i thinking, baby blue just does not go with my skin tone

I need water..... where are we going..... are we there yet?

Its the walking that will finally get you

Maybe running back up will help - not!!!

The road less travelled

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