Friday, 3 December 2010

Windhoek and more

Just having passed through a hectic storm
Have you ever experienced outrunning a storm? Well that seems to be a daily occurrence while heading through Namibia, we tend to hit a rainy patch for 5mins then pass through, what an amazing sight. The weather seemed to change constantly to match the changing scenery. Namibia is definitely turning our to be one of my favourite places.

Arriving in Windhoek, as it was Sunday, we headed straight for the first backpackers shown on the GPS.......very nice but full, almost overcrowded even so made our way to Paradise Gardens, where we set up tent on the pool deck. The place was really nice with a great host, all the facilities we needed and pretty close to BMW for sorting the bikes out.

Monday we finally headed over to BMW, 3500km and two and a half countries after the bike had actually broken down. They seemed to be very helpful, having ordered the parts in advance of our arrival as the bike was pretty close to end of warranty and we did not plan too much time in Namibia as well. Things started turning a bit ugly when they came back and mostly washed their hands of the bike due to their system apparently not confirming my warranty.

Well, you can imagine what happened next........having spoken to the dealer manager, nearly getting someone fired for incompetence and lack of, well just general customer service and manners, I managed to get everything, but the front wheel (which had corroded), sorted on my bike, and under warranty as well. The front wheel would have to wait until we get to SA due to the amount of time it would take to reach Windhoek. Delilah's bike was also sorted which meant we would, well should have a comfortable and safe last leg of the trip.

Yesterday, despite receiving a courtesy bike from BMW, we opted to do a day trip of Windhoek on foot, so we parked up the bike close to the city centre and walked around popping in at the museum, very interesting, and the local craft market, really good and well recommended. On the way back to the bike,we once again, got caught up in quite a storm, so cut the city tour a bit short and decided to retire to a hot meal and a nice movie on the sofa back at the backpackers.

Heading back to BMW this morning, we picked up our freshly washed and fixed bikes, headed to the lodge to pack them up and were on our way, at 3pm, which should be enough time for us to reach Swakopmund...............................
a sneaky pic of the tribal women in Namibia
on the way to Swakopmund, what a view

they don't come much larger than this, luckily no one was home at the time
a much needed break
another day, another campsite