Thursday, 9 December 2010

Finally our last country........

Excuse the pictures from here on in as our camera has literally bit the dust in Namibia. These are snapshots from our trusty helmet cam.

SA, a welcome site.......well almost, its customs
11500miles and we have finally made it to our home country. Just 6 more days till our final destination

Our arrival in SA at the Vioolsdrif border was actually quite emotional for me, we've been travelling the whole of east and north Africa for so long and now finally we reached our home land. This crossing was pretty painless, well other than they did not want to stamp Delilahs second passport as she had requested. We were soon on our way again, heading south toward Springbok, one of those towns I would not have thought of heading to but a great place to stop none the less, and brilliant landscapes as well, even after all we've seen and still something new.

Our little bit of paradise
We decided to stay at the Springbok caravan park for 2 nights, making full use of the time we still had left over. We managed to get everything done that we needed to and even met an Aussie couple and their daughter doing a similar trip although covering the route a lot more thoroughly. They tend to travel one year then work one year, in all, I think they covered 120000 km down to Cape Town over 3 or 4 years of riding, ouch.

The road is loooong, with many a winding trail, that leads us ......
Heading south once again and being assured that all the roads were easy enough for Delilahs bike to cope with, we made our way for the coast. Its a pretty long and sometimes boring road but when you've been riding for so long and the landscapes just keep on changing, you just tend to appreciate even the littlest of things.

Now, that we're here, shall we just head back north again.....Pleeeaaase!!

Through the 'rocky mountains' we go

Just you, your bike and the long road ahead

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