Monday, 6 December 2010

Namibia continued

In the bedroom?
Arriving at Walvis Bay, we headed straight for the first and only campsite on the gps, but with the strong wind blowing, we decided to check out the backpackers instead, as they are usually cheaper and you get breakfast as well, thats when there is room available though, this time, we were not so lucky, as most of Walvis was overbooked. With this in mind and having set our sites on camping, we headed for the local Spar for our supplies. This was were we met Ion, a Romanian guy living in Walvis for the last 20 years, he came up to us, chatted about the trip for a bit saying that he was really keen on doing something similar in the next 2 years and then invited us to stay at his place, wow. Ion is a motorcycle enthusiast, to say the least, with thousands of bike mags dotted around the house, hundreds of replica scale bikes in the rooms, a vintage scooter on the dinning room mantle and a Ducati in the bedroom.

Before we could get any lunch, we were asked if we wanted a tour of the town, and when coming from a local, I guess the answer will always be yes. We passed by a few interesting spots including and old SA war museum, a church that had been brought across from Germany (the oldest building in Walvis Bay), took a ride along the promenade of the lagoon and saw some flamingoes and pelicans and then stopped off at a really great bar built on one of the oldest piers for a brilliant sunset drink. We then headed back to the house to get some dinner and a rest.

Bikers of Walvis bay unite
The next morning after breakfast, we quickly packed our things, ready for a long day on the gravel roads. We got asked by Ion to join him on a prayer run his bike club was having and would only last about an hour, so we agreed and went along. What a great bunch of people from Walvis Bay and Swakopmund, and a great morning had by all. On the way back, they headed for a braai and we headed for Sossulvlei at about 1pm. The ride was not too bad with lots of animals to see and amazing views. Unfortunately, sand is not Delilahs friend, and leaving so late meant only reaching Solitare for the evening, which I must say was not bad at all, a great campsite, shop and pool to soak in,

Delilah hitting the dirt
So 310km on really sandy gravel roads from Walvis Bay to reach Sossulsvlei and they are denying us entry with our motorcycles, I guess we will have to hitchhike in, in the morning. In the meantime, we decided to sort of some accommodation in the form of one of the closest campsites to the road leading to the dunes, much more expensive than our previous sites, but with discount pretty comparable to the surrounding accommodations.

We met a lovely German/Greek couple at the campsite in Sesriem, who we actually saw at the previous campsite in Solitare. They have offered us a ride in their car to Sossulsvlei and back after which we would probably head to Keetmanshoop, then Luderitz and Fish River Canyon. More to follow shortly......

Site-seeing anyone?
Note the missing bell on the left - stolen once again i guess.
Scooter in the dining room?

Walvis bay is known for its whale cemetery. Delilah standing with some of the remains.
Flamingoes on the lagoon.
Amazing wooden pub

What a picture
Ion and friend at the biker run
Biker prayer run at the beach
Now that's what i call a sunset

The oldest building in Walvis imported from Germany

First we crossed the Tropic of Cancer, then the Equator, now this....almost there

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