Our route is as below....leaving London early September 2010, through the following coutries arriving in Cape Town mid December 2010:
  • UK (London)
  • ferry to .......
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Germany (Berlin)
  • Czech Rebublic
  • Austria
  • Italy (most of it)
  • ferry to .......
  • Egypt
  • ferry to .......
  • Sudan
  • Ethiopa
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Malawi
  • Zambia (Livingstone)
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Botswana 
  • Namibia
  • South Africa (Cape Town, Umhlanga)
Unfortunately we have had to cut out a few countries due to ridiculous regulations in Libya which would have doubled our travel budget. We are now bypassing Sicily, Tunisia and Libya and taking a newly launched ferry from Venice, Italy to Alexandria, Egypt (after full tour of Italy, that is)

We have now also skipped Botswana due to issues with the bikes in Tanzania, necessitating us to head straight to Windhoek for repairs