Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Final tweets from our journey......

Just got back to Cape Town after a long ride from Durban having spent a lovely Christmas with the in-laws in Umhlanga Rocks.

Just got our bikes back from BMW SA with a brand spanking new front wheel and hub, now if i can just find some new tyres.......

Our bikes have now gone into a container for shipping and we have arrived back in the UK to start working again, damn.

Our bikes have finally arrived back from Cape Town after 2 months. Now just awaiting the wrath of UK customs agency. I so miss riding.

Finally back on our bikes again after almost 3 months of waiting for shipping and customs clearance, what a pleasure :)

EDIT: And that was that, our adventure came to an end but our life moved on, we have since then had many more wonderful adventures, none more so than the birth of our little boy Rhys.........and the adventure continues

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