Wednesday, 8 December 2010

.....Namibia concluded

Ok, i'll move on back
The afternoon after Sossulsvlei we headed for the pool, it was baking in the desert, then made our way to Hammerstein Lodge, a great stopover and they have loads of wildlife too including 2 cheetahs, a leopard, 3 karakals and a pet springbok called Daisy.

As this was just a stopover we headed off the next morning towards Keetmanshoop, Delilah was still struggling with the bad gravel roads, especially when they got sandy. It turned out to be a mammoth day, covering almost 500km in 43 deg heat, a quarter or which was off road. To top it all off, our main camera had stopped functioning in Sossulvlei (stupid micro sand particles) which means that all of our pics from now are either from the helmet cam or from others that were with us at the time.

Quiver tree forest
The campsite Quiver tree camp was brilliant, just 15km of dirt road to reach it and such a lot to do and see while there. Its located about 17km from Keetmanshoop centre and well worth the visit. Just as we got there, they started feeding their 7 cheetahs, it was amazing, standing just a few meters from feeding cheetahs. The quiver tree are also something to be seen, they were used by the San people to store their arrows (hence quiver).

After our evening swim, while retiring to our campsite, Delilah noticed some red grease leaking from her newly fixed headbearings, this was worrying as we still had an offroad trek to Fish River canyon in the morning, which we eventually cancelled as the gravel roads are just too unpredictable, maybe next time. This meant that the next day would see us arriving in South Africa, actually on schedule.............

Stay your distance boet

Playground of the gods

Vang hom Fluffie

Is that a bar I see in the distance

You've done me proud buddy

Our campsite for the night

Karakal in chill mode

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