Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sossulsvlei - yet another desert

Sossulsvlei, wow, if you are in the area then definitely a place to visit. The roads are not too bad but definitely worth having a 4wd as you won't be able to drive around the dunes in a normal car. Again, let me let the pictures speak for themselves.

Our humble resting spot

What more would you want in the desert
Ok, maybe a pool would do, it was 40deg Celsius you know
Hold on, don't go
Ok, you win, those horns are massive
Why run, i nearly missed you
Talk about rutting, i wish we could get in here with our bikes
Ok maybe a Land Rover is the way to go
Feed away little buddy
Ooooooo that's hot
Giants in the Namib desert
Not one of the giants
Run all you like buddy, i got you now
Daily early morning exercise, nice
Now that's dead
That's all folks, for Sossulvlei anyway

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